Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Some Why's of Knitting/Crocheting

Well, well, well, you learn something new every day.

Now I've been crocheting for years. Yet, I never really looked into the why's of crocheting. Why make a gauge? Why am I supposed to use this yarn? Why can't I use another type of hook?

And the big one....WHY are there so many types of yarns and what do they mean?

Well....I'll tell you!

I did some searching and found a great article. It is mainly pointed towards knitters but it's interesting for crocheters too. It explains why the type, or weight, of yarn used matters, why your gauge matters and even how to adjust your pattern and/or needles to accommodate a different type of yarn. This is done via a chart showing the average difference between the yarns in regards to stitches.

Now, all of this still depends on if you tend to stitch loosely or tightly. I always stitch tighter so a lot of times I have to use a hook one size up to get the correct gauge.

Happy Knitting/Crocheting!!!

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