Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Regretsy LOL

I wanted to do a little reading over the Christmas break and found a hilarious book at the library

Regretsy, by April Winchell will keep you in stitches! April runs a snarky blog called, regretsy.com that pulls items from Etsy that are well...interesting. It takes a special item to meet Rachel's criteria - a badly knit item won't do it. There needs to be that extra special something that takes an item to a new level of horror in order to make her list. The book is divided into various catergories (jewelry, home decor, pet humiliation) and then shows actual Etsy listings along with April's comments. I read the entire book in under an hour and laughed out loud through a number items. It's a don't miss on my 2012 list.


  1. I knew about Regretsy but had no idea there was a book! How did a book slip under my radar??

  2. No idea, but you HAVE to get a copy! SO funny!


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