Monday, October 10, 2011

Newest Creation

I've finally uploaded my latest creation onto the Etsy site which I'm calling the Rope and Ladder afghan. It's from a pattern that is actually called February for afghan's based off of birthstones. So this should have been made in amethyst but I think that the red looks good as well. Below is what I made off of it.

I'm a little worried about it though because with it being hot red in color when I take the picture it tends to come off really bright. I'm wondering if maybe I shouldn't take it with the sunlight on it. Of course it could just be my computer so let me know if it looks too bright for you guys.


  1. It is a little bright. I can't really see the pattern. That wouldn't be 'Hot Rod Red', by any chance, would it? I did some yarn shopping yesterday and fell in love with that color.

  2. I think my version is called just Hot Red. But yeah, really bright. I'm gonna have to try and take pictures of it again without the direct sunlight so maybe it won't be so bright. Especially, since the pattern is really pretty cool.

  3. I agree with Kelly that it's hard to see the pattern, but the color looks amazing. That's one of the issues I always have with the pics I take is that the picture doesn't do the color justice. There are so many gorgeous shades out there now, it's really fun to yarn shop!

  4. I always get really nervous when I'm yarn shopping. Cause I've always used Red Heart 4-ply yarn. So when I see all the other types I get worried thinking that there's no way I'd be able to work with them.

    Plus, if I don't go right along with the colors in the pattern I have to find colors that would go well with the pattern and I always second guess myself. I keep thinking that they're just going to look terrible since I'm horrible at matching. This is why I always wear black. :P


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