Monday, December 26, 2011

Eyeglasses to Embroider - DIY

by Kelly

While reading Craft this morning, I ran across a post about 'Tapestry Eyeglasses', and since I'm always in the market for something as geeky as DIY eyeglasses, I had to track it back to the original site.

These utilize 3D printing technology. The glasses are printed with tiny holes, which enables you to use the yarn or thread of your choice to make your glasses match your style. Aside from the design diva aspects here, I can already forsee at least one practical use for something like this. They would be a great temporary measure for those with broken glasses (not that I have ever borne the shame of eyeglasses held together by tape-of course not!), especially if they could be made to fit the lenses you already have. And since all eyeglass frames have design info printed on the earpiece, this would be easy enough to do, provided there was some kind of database that the printer could access.

These are from the site Fashioning, which has quite a few other interesting articles, not least of which is this article about a research project devoted to integrating a sport coat with a mobile phone so that gestures made while wearing the coat can dial numbers or post your location. Were I involved in this project, I would have developed a gesture link that ties a common upraised finger gesture to a site like Navteq that notifies people of traffic problems. Sadly, that feature doesn't seem to be available...yet. has just made my list of daily reads, at least for the moment. It looks like a great place to find out the latest news in fabric art mixed with technology.

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