Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

I'm sure everyone knows by now that my favorite thing to crochet is Christmas ornaments. I make ornaments in both thread and yarn. This hot air balloon is one of my favorites. I have crocheted around a satin ball, added a basket, and there is even a little Santa in the basket. Here are some others: a clothespin angel, an angel, a rose, a butterfly, a ball and a bell. I make lots of snowflakes. I also make things out of yarn such as: a snowflake, a wreath, a snowman. These are just a few of the things I crochet.

I know a lot of people find crocheting with thread a bit overwhelming but as you can see you can also make ornaments with yarn. Click here for the pattern for Sweetie Snowflake pictured above. Maybe you would like to make a stocking. Click here for the pattern for the stocking pictured below. Or maybe you would like to try a wreath.

Click here for the pattern for the wreath pictured below. Or how about these darling snowman faces in a star. Click here for the pattern.

There are loads of free patterns out there on the internet. Check them out and make a Christmas ornament.

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