Monday, October 17, 2011

Crafting Progress and The Little Devil Hat

by Kelly

Two squares done for the charity drive.

The first square I knit came out spot on at 12", which fooled me into thinking this would be simple. I had to wash and block the gray square to make it come out right. Also, notice the two colors of gray? That's because I used a partial skein and ran out of the dark gray yarn. (*sigh*) I hope they're feeling forgiving when they get to my squares.

I checked the SmoothFox site today and saw the leader has 157 points for October. I don't think we've got a chance, girls. But I will persevere despite the long odds.

In other news, I've finished a scarf for our local charity drive :

I used this pattern from TLC. The ends had to be seamed together, then the strips braided. Have I ever mentioned how much I love seaming???

And, since I hate seaming so much, I knit this hat(also for the kid's charity) in the round, on a circular needle.

The free pattern is here. In my usual headlong fashion, I tried many new things at once. And, since this was my first time knitting on a circular needle, and also my first time using a provisional cast on, and my first time knitting this pattern, I sort of made a large mistake. Yes, it's much too large. This is supposed to be a baby hat, and instead it fits me quite nicely. Still, at least my Halloween costume is done.

But I have figured out why my gauge was off for the gray square above, and the hat too. Because I was in a hurry, I was using continental knitting, which is done mostly with the left hand, instead of the English knitting (done with the right) which I normally use. So, I am knitting a wee bit too loosely.

Easily fixed! And the hat is so much fun to knit that I don't mind trying it again. But I still think I will go down a needle size, which means a trip to the local craft store for another circular needle and set of DPN's.

But for now, back to the 12 x 12 squares. Ho hum.


  1. Actually, the 157 is for the individual which is a different category than us. The leader for the teams is only at 102 points. At least that's what it looks like to me. I've been trying to get a confirmation of it from the organizer but no luck.

    Either way, we can so beat that because I'm already at 96 points and starting on my 13th square. So that means we have about 120 so far and still have half a month left.

    I chose a fairly simple pattern (even though it is a spiral granny square that looks so cool) so I can get one done now in just five or six hours. Probably would get them done quicker if I didn't have other wifely/mommy duties. :P

  2. Oh, and that scarf looks so cool! You really need to make some of those to post on the store. They would so sell. :) I wouldn't mind getting one myself.

  3. You're a machine, Steph. I have no idea how you can be so productive with a job and baby on hand.

  4. I second Kelly's comment - Stephany, you amaze me. I have 5 of the 12" grannies done - I think the same pattern as Steph used with the circular center. Kelly, Donna and I are getting together on Wednesday and I'd like to pack up what we have by days end and get them mailed in. We'll post the tally then!

  5. I multitask very well. :)

    I'll make sure to mail off mine this weekend then so they're all submitted around the same time. Don't forget to include the form with the package so they know it's for our group.

  6. I have five 12 in squares done and four 6 in squares. They are all SmoothFox patterns. I haven't had as much time to crochet as I would like. As of right now I have 48 points if they are all accepted. Love the scarf, Kelly. The hat is cute, also. I saw Kelly wearing it.


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