Friday, July 1, 2011

Picnik - Free Online Photo Repair

by Kelly

I've mentioned that I need photography lessons. Well, in the meantime, I've found an easy way to make my photos look better.

I had heard of Picnik before, but I am lazy and also generally wary of anything 'free' that suddenly appears online, so I put off looking into it. But I checked it out the other day, and it really is free. They do have a premium package, which costs $25 a year, but quite a bit is possible with the free version.

First, upload your lucky photo from your computer or any online hosting service like flickr, photobucket, etc.  Once your photo is uploaded, you will automatically be sent to an editing page.

Now, you can crop, resize, remove red eye, and do all the other things you can normally do with a photo. Or, you can take a chance and click the 'Auto-fix' feature to the far left. That's what I did with the photo below.

It's a subtle change, but the second photo is brighter, sharper, and has interesting light effects and shadows that didn't show up in the first picture. All with one click! That's the kind of photo editing I can handle.

When you're done with the editing process, you can then save your photo, send it to someone's email,  or print it out. Easy peasy. I'm a convert.

1 comment:

  1. I used this on a couple of Etsy uploads and it worked really well. Sure made my awful photography skills look better.


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