Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Poll - What Else to Do While Crafting

By Kelly

What else do you do while knitting/crocheting/ etc.? I almost always watch TV. Mostly I watch the equivalent of junk food - old '80s videos, Star Trek reruns, things like that. Sometimes I'll lift my sights a little and watch Turner Classic Movies. But then I'll get sucked into the movie and forget what I'm doing, and drop a stitch or, if I'm crocheting, lose my way completely.

Stephanie says that she reads while crocheting.I just can't do that. Knitting is easier -  forty-three stitches on the needle, forty-three stitches to go. It's really hard to skip a stitch while knitting. Even so, I can't read at the same time.

What do you do while you're crafting? Fill out the poll in our sidebar (more than one answer is acceptable) or add a comment here.


  1. I picked everything. I will really try to fit crocheting into anything. I finished a good part of the ABC blanket I did while waiting for my hubby to get his license at the DMV. Figured I'd be there for three or four hours that I might as well be constructive. As for the American Flag blanket that was done during the 8 hour drive up to my mom's house, and the five hour drive to my sisters, then the five hour drive back to my mom's, then the 8 hour drive back to my house. :) I got a lot of work done on that blanket then.

    Though once I learn the pattern I can crochet without looking at the directions or the blanket. I can just tune it out letting my hands do the work so I can pay attention to other stuff.

  2. I can watch a movie, listen to music, or carry on a conversation but I can't read while I crochet. When I travel I always take crocheting with me. My husband drives and I crochet.


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