Monday, June 13, 2011

Patriotic Series is Complete

Finally I have completed the placemats, coasters, and napkin rings in my patriotic series. I needed more yarn than the pattern called for. I had to make changes to the pattern itself to come up with the right size but I finished it. Does other people have these issues? They are quite nice looking so I guess they are worth the extra fuss.

Now I have to take a break from crocheting and repair a quilt for my son. But I already have a dozen more projects lined up and waiting for me. What should I make next? A tote bag, a tissue box cover, an afghan, dishcloths, towels, Christmas ornaments, a doily. Decisions, decisions.


  1. Those look great! Are those stars worked in the design, or did you make them seperately

  2. They are made separately and glued on with permanent fabric glue. Except the coasters. The stars are worked in the design of the coasters.

  3. I've had that issue too with the pattern not working out right or the amount of yarn not matching up. The baby blanket that I just finished called for 5 skeins and I only used 3 and a half. It might have been that I tend to crochet tighter than most people but in the end it still looked nice.


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