Saturday, June 18, 2011

More Yarn Alternatives

Add this to the list of 'green' yarn alternatives. Not satisfied with recycling plastic bags into plarn, T-shirts into T-shirt yarn, or even using up those old VCR and cassette tapes? The die-hard recycler can spin their own yarn from newspaper.

See the article, with a how-to, from Green Upgrader.

Not as strong as regular yarn,  it can apparently be a bit tricky to spin as well...too much twist will break the yarn, and not enough will leave the yarn too fragile to use.

Newspaper yarn is available from a couple of sources on Etsy.

As with many 'green' materials, the buzz is easy to find, reviews of the material itself harder to track down. Even three years after the first articles appeared, there are almost no references to anyone actually trying the stuff out.  But the few reviews I was able to locate (here is one, from Flickr) were fairly positive - the ink doesn't come off on your hands, the yarn is fairly sturdy, and the finished product reasonably durable, if not especially soft or cuddlesome.

Just don't wear your hot-off-the-press clothing out in the rain.

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