Thursday, May 5, 2011

My First Post

Hi everyone!!

So I get to join in on the fun crafting talk which I am very excited about. I've been crocheting ever since Donna taught me how when I was a little, little kid. And, trust me, it is very hard to keep your cool in high school when all your friends find out you do "granny work" as they called it....which is probably why I was a dork in high school. :P Oh, well.

I really only crochet though I did try to learn to knit once and it just turned out badly so I stick to my strengths of crocheting fabulous afghans. I've been spending the last week trying to figure out what I want to make now that I finished my Irish flag blanket. I'm thinking of doing an alphabet baby blanket that I made for my husbands sister a few years back. I loved making it and it was so pretty. It looks a lot harder than it is. Once you figure out the best way to make the bubbles you're good to go.

The only frustration I have about this is that you can only do it in one solid color because it's too hard to switch between colors due to the bubbles.


  1. Welcome, Stephanie! Glad you joined us. I'd love to see pics of your Irish flag blanket, if you have some. Does it have the shamrock in the center or is it the standard stripey version?

  2. Hi Stephanie. Welcome to the blog. I hope you enjoy it.

  3. Thanks for the invite and the welcome! :)

    It's just the standard stripes. I didn't think of doing the shamrock. Though the friend actually wanted me to write Irish Pride across it. For that I wasn't sure how to achieve it but I had thought about cross-stitching the wording in once the blanket was complete.

    In the end, considering how huge it ended up being and that it took me almost a year to complete with everything going on I just wanted to go with something standard.

    I'll have to see if my friend can get a picture of it for me. It's huge though. I made it big enough to fit a queen sized bed. Though he only wanted it to fit a twin. I mis-judged the size of it when originally plotting it out.

  4. Hi Stephany,

    Glad to have you in our group. Looking forward to seeing some pictures and hearing more about your projects.


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