Thursday, April 16, 2015

Baby Fever

I've come down with baby fever - not the kind I'd have to change and feed and put through some very expensive schooling - no, this is crochet baby blanket fever. And I've got it bad. What's not to like about baby blankets? They're small, so they work up really quickly. The colors are sweet and bright and the yarn is oh, so soft. I think I'm in love. And they have that great baby smell - wait maybe not.

I was recently down in Florida and finished this fantastic pattern I found on Ravelry called , Rainbow Dash.
So fun to make and the colors are amazing. I liked it so well that no sooner had I finished, I picked up the hook again and made a second one.
And when that one was done, well yes, I've started a third. No picture yet, but it's a tropical theme and it's simply stunning. I really don't see an end in sight at the moment :) The other great thing about these, in addition to the endless combination of colors, is that they are fantastic stash busters. To make the original, I followed the instructions to the letter and purchased 4 balls of Lion Brand Pound of Love - you could easily get two of these made from those four balls. The one I'm currently working is with Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn (btw, I do love that yarn). We'll see how many skeins I need for that. After the tropical I'm thinking of an ocean theme - blues and greens - spectacular!

Original pattern link is here

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  1. I love baby blankets! They're so cute! Plus, I love making blankets but the larger ones cost so much. This way I get my blanket addiction without the cost :)


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